remove vomit odors
remove chemical odors from carpet

EnviroKlenz Absorbent Neutralizer


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When accident or spills happen they can over leave behind stubborn or noxious odors. To remove odors associated with spills apply  EnviroKlenz Absorbent Neutralizer to the source and it will begin to safe and effectively remove the odors. The EnviroKlenz granules are designed to absorb the liquid spill and neutralize the odor without the use of perfumes or masking agents. Easy to use and clean up.

For those long road trips or car rides, make sure that you have a canister of OdorKlenz absorbent on hand. Works to absorb spills and odors made from food or beverages, accidents from car sickness, or pets going in the vehicle. Works fast and easy to clean up and will not harm your car interior or flooring since it is non-bleaching

EnviroKlenz Absorbent Neutralizer may be used for the following

  • cleaning and removing vomit odors
  • removing spills and odors from carpets and solid surfaces
  • cleaning and removing odors from liquid spills in cars
  • cleaning and removing odors from pet mess and pet urine


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