EnviroKlenz Absorbent Neutralizer


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The Best Solution in Accident  & Spill Clean-Up

So… your dog vomited in your car on the way home from the park. Your friend’s cat peed on your carpet. Your toddler spilled a bottle of milk covering you and seeping into a five-foot radius of your carpet. (And now the entire house smells like it, but not in a good way.)

Life is life, and accidents happen. Things spill. Bodily fluids go where they shouldn’t. And not only do you have to clean up the mess itself… you’ve got to do something about the odors as well. (Because no one wants to ride in a vomit-smelling car.)

Our Odor Neutralizer Granules attach themselves to the spilled materials and get to work instantly to effectively and safely remove the odors… even on the most absorbent fabrics and carpets. (It’s non-bleaching and works on solid surfaces too, so don’t worry… it’s got you covered.)

First of all, it absorbs the liquid of the spill so that liquid can’t do any further damage to what it’s been spilled on. Then it causes minimal & safe chemical reactions to neutralize the smells without any sort of perfume or harmful masking agents.
The Specs
Net Wt. 5.6 0z

· Titanium Dioxide
· Magnesium Oxide
· Zinc Oxide
· Vermiculite




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