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Meet a new way to purify your air. Our breakthrough air purifying technology utilizes safe earth minerals to eliminate harmful toxins in the air – including toxic chemicals, pathogens, allergens, and other not-so-good contaminants. The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus achieves the same pure air filtration as our standard model, using medical-grade HEPA filtration paired with our patented earth mineral Air Cartridge, and adds a third layer of UV-C protection for internal sanitation of microorganisms like viruses, bacteria, and mold. Make your space a pure-air haven – at EnviroKlenz, we tackle all things bad, so you can breathe in the good.

Air System Plus Specifications
  • Size – 15″ x 15″ x 22″
  • Weight – 40lbs
  • Decibels – from lowest to highest speed; 54dB, 56dB, 59dB, 62dB
  • Rated air flow of fan per speed – 85CFM, 150CFM, 200CFM, 250CFM
Cutting Edge Filtration

The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus provides unmatched air filtration, using:

  • EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge – made with a patented blend of earth minerals designed to capture, neutralize, and destroy a broad range of airborne toxins and particulates, like VOCs, chemicals, and microscopic pathogens
  • H13 HEPA filter – effectively captures particulates including dust, dander, smoke, pollen, and other allergy triggers
  • UV-C Bulbs – two UV-C bulbs work as an added layer of protection against microscopic viruses, bacteria, and mold, keeping your system internally clean.
Additional Features
  • Effectively filters up to 1,000 square feet of space, 3 to 5 times every hour, for maximum clean air protection
  • Easy set-up and requires minimal maintenance – just turn your system on and let it take care of the rest. Air Cartridges are completely recyclable for sustainable disposal.
  • Made to deliver clean air in any place or space, with mobile wheels and customizable levels for noise and speed to give you control over your clean air – where you want it and how you want it.
  • Built to last using durable metal exterior to withstand everyday use
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Breathe in the good, we’ve got the bad covered.

How it works

We’re not like other air purifiers…

Using pure earth minerals and a bit of clean science, our FAST-ACT filtration technology captures what other purifiers can, plus everything they leave behind for maximum protection against harmful toxins in the air – in the home, the classroom, the office, and beyond.

  • A child who reads

…breathe in the difference.

How do we do it? We apply our patented process to pure earth minerals that dramatically increases their natural surface area, allowing the minerals to latch onto more impurities and deactivate their toxicity.

We pack these enhanced minerals inside our patented Air Cartridge and pair this with industry-standard HEPA filtration and safe UV-C light, creating a purifying combination that provides unmatched protection against all things toxic in the air around you.

The science behind our belief


Patented neutralizing technology


Safe for you, your family & the planet

99 1

Proven 99.9% effective against toxins


No chemicals, fillers, or byproducts

Unmatched purification














Purificattion Table
Phi x 74 (Virus) Removal Rate
E. Coli (Bacteria) Removal Rate
Staphylococcus Epidermidis (Bacteria) Removal Rate

Third-party tested and validated


Chemical reduction

In a controlled testing chamber, the EnviroKlenz Air System rapidly neutralizes and reduces Hydrogen sulfide concentrations from 5.5 ppm to 0.4 ppm in 2 hours, and to 0.04 ppm in 4 hours.
EnviroKlenz Hydrogen Sulfide testing

Virus reduction

The EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge is third-party tested and proven to effectively capture and eliminate virus particulates (Phi X 174 – 0.025 microns in size) at a 99.9% removal rate.
EnviroKlenz Virus testing

Bacteria (+) reduction

The EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge is third-party tested and proven to effectively capture and eliminate gram-positive bacteria (Staphylococcus Epidermidis) at a 99.9% removal rate.
EnviroKlenz Bacteria + testing

Bacteria (-) reduction

The EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge is third-party tested and proven to effectively capture and eliminate gram-negative bacteria (E. Coli) at a 99.9% removal rate.
EnviroKlenz Bacteria - testing

Mold reduction

The EnviroKlenz Air Systems are tested and proven to effectively remove common mold and fungi at a 99.9% removal rate, including common species Aspergillus niger (ATCC 6275) and Penicillium citrunim (ATCC 9849).
EnviroKlenz Mold testing
Female Reading On a Couch, Next to an EnviroKlenz Air System

Built to keep you safe…

EnviroKlenz Air System In an Open Space Environment

…no matter where you are.

Providing pure, clean air to over 7 million people, worldwide.

Real-World Case Studies

EnviroKlenz has conducted case studies in various locations to validate the performance and efficacy of the Air Systems in real-world settings. See the results below.

  • K-12 SCHOOL


With Air System OFF
  • Over a three-day span, PM2.5 levels average 300% greater than EPA’s National Standards, reaching spikes as high as 43 ug/m3.

    With Air System ON:
  • PM2.5 is reduced by 95% from the highest recorded spike and is consistently kept within the Top 10 Percentile.
FAST-ACT case study - office


With Air System OFF
  • Baseline readings show the expected impact of student movement in the facility, with the highest spikes during high traffic times such as arrival and dismissal.

With Air System ON:
  • With EnviroKlenz Air Systems turned on, spikes level off and the monitored area is able to maintain PM2.5 levels at or below the EPA’s national standard.
FAST-ACT case study - classroom


With Air System OFF:
  • PM2.5 is 52% higher than EPA’s national standard, averaging at 15.25ug/m3 of PM2.5.

With Air System ON:
  • Levels of PM2.5 are approximately 63% lower than average measures taken without added filtration; this is also 20% lower than EPA’s national standards.
FAST-ACT case study - nurse station


With Air System OFF:
  • PM2.5 is 300% higher than EPA’s National Standard; spikes correlate to operational hours, with a maximum measure of 42 ug/m3.

  • With Air System ON:
    • PM2.5 levels decrease an average of 93.8%, with an average measure of 2.5 ug/m3; particulate matter is consistently kept within the Top 10 Percentile.
FAST-ACT case study - cafeteria

Frequently Asked Questions

How many square feet can the Air Systems Cover?

The EnviroKlenz Air System effectively treats up 1,000 square feet of space, providing 3-5 air exchanges per hour.

What is the difference between the Air System and Air System Plus?

While they contain the same powerful FAST-ACT technology and filtration system, the difference between the two systems is that the EnviroKlenz Air System Plus is slightly larger and contains (2) UVC Bulbs, which provides an extra layer of germicidal irradiation, as well as internally cleans the system.

How many speeds does the Air System have?

The EnviroKlenz Air System Plus has 4 speeds, they are 85 CFM, 150 CFM, 200 CFM, and 250 CFM.

How long will the filters last?

The HEPA filter will last approximately 2 years, and the EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge will last approximately 6 months. The actual lifetime is dependent on environmental conditions and chemical pollution concentration present in the environment it is used in, which can require more frequent change-outs.

How long do I need to run the Air System before I notice a difference in my air quality

You can often start to notice improvements within hours, but depending on the environmental conditions and contamination level, it may be quicker or longer.

Will the Air System remove general odors and chemical odors?

Yes, the EnviroKlenz Air Cartridge is embedded with the FAST-ACT technology which captures and neutralizes viruses, VOCs, chemical odors, and fragrances. This serves as the primary filtration stage within the Air System.

How does the Air System compare to other air purifiers

While many purifiers only deliver partial filtration, our breakthrough FAST-ACT technology captures and neutralizes harmful VOCs, chemicals, pathogens and other containments that even the best HEPA filters can’t capture. And unlike the leading competitors, the EnviroKlenz Air System will never re-release toxins back into the environment or create harmful by-products from captured pollutants.

How is the FAST-ACT technology different than carbon?

While carbon filters may capture VOCs and block some odors, they can’t capture microorganisms like bacteria or viruses, let alone destroy them. Even worse, carbon filters can re-release captured pollutants back into the air once they become full. Our FAST-ACT technology uses earth minerals to capture, neutralize, and destroy airborne toxins, allergens, viruses, bacteria, particulates and other contaminants for good, without ever releasing anything harmful back into the environment.

Where can I find the user manual?

Here is the user manual. If you have further questions about your Air System Plus, don’t hesitate to contact Customer support.


4.87 / 5
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Dec 7, 2023 at 12:00 am

As far as style and ease of use goes, this is totally fine. Not attractive, but not ugly. I like that the top is totally flat, so we can use it as a temporary night stand or whatever. We move it around the house a lot, which is super easy when you want to move it anywhere on the same floor, b/c the wheels are great. But it’s heavy and a little bulky to move up and down the stairs, but not bad at all. Doable, just no handle.But who cares, b/c it REMOVES VOCs!!I have a couple different types of air quality monitors, and the Air Things one seems to be the most accurate. B/c we are living in a new construction home, we are dealing with pretty high VOCs when there isn’t good airflow. Which is especially hard in the winter, because we can’t open the windows much. So I was getting alerts all the time from the air monitor whenever bedroom doors were closed during the night.But not anymore, at least not for the rooms that have this air filter in them. VOCs are much lower now. Success. I just wish it was cheaper so I could get one for every bedroom.Note: there are two types of air filters, and the only difference is that one has a UV light inside it, which may not really do anything b/c UV needs to be in contact with particles for longer than the machine probably gives them.


Jul 31, 2023 at 12:00 am

Using this device continuously (24/7) to filter large great room. Also use to reduce VOC’s when painting inside house. Note: Replacement pre-filters are expensive, however, the manufacturer does offer a 20% discount if you sign up for their subscribe and save program.

Steve Rodda Sr

Jul 13, 2023 at 12:00 am

Was what I expected.


Apr 12, 2023 at 12:00 am

04/12/2023 – My wife and I purchased this unit a few years back, but it was through the EnviroKlenz website, not Amazon (Amazon didn’t sell these at that time if memory recalls). This unit advertises that it can handle VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), which can affect breathing. When we purchased it, we kept it in the bedroom and I noticed that I was able to breath quite a bit better (didn’t know we had CO2 or VOC in the house).Before I begin the next part I must disclose that I had this unit turned off for several months while we were doing some reorganizing around the house. It was during this time that we had purchased a Smart Thermostat that detects VOCs. Pairing this thermostat with Home Assistant I was able to see that the VOC in the house (again with THIS air purifier turned OFF!) was very high (like 40,000 micrograms/cu meter high).I installed a new filter in the unit and am going to run a test (pairing this with a smart plug that will turn on when high VOC is detected, also made possible because the controls of this EnviroKlenz are mechanical – knobs and switch, versus electronic), running it right next to the thermostat to find out how effective it is at handling VOC. I do expect it to do well, given how my breathing improved at night when it was turned on. Stay tuned for the results of that test.


Feb 13, 2023 at 3:08 pm

I spent 2 weeks researching the best air filtration device and came to the conclusion that I should give this one a try. It’s awesome. I have let friends and family borrow it and would recommend it to everyone. It is more expensive than others? Sure. But it’s so worth it if you are concerned about air quality.

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