EnviroKlenz SMART IAQ Monitor

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Introducing a smarter way to monitor your indoor air quality.

The EnviroKlenz SMART IAQ Monitor is a sophisticated and independent air quality monitoring device that actively tracks real-time environmental conditions, including temperature, humidity, CO2, total VOCs (TVOCs), PM1.0, and PM2.5, effectively reports on airborne risks, and swiftly visualizes its data in real-time through the EK SMART Air app. Stay informed about the air quality in your environment anytime, anywhere, ensuring healthier living spaces.

Product Specifications

Size: Length – 7.1in.; Width – 1.5in.; Height – 4.7in.

Weight: 1.1lb

Monitoring range: 2,500 sq ft

IAQ sensors to measure:

  • PM2.5
  • PM1.0
  • TVOCs
  • CO2
  • Temperature
  • Humidity

Input voltage: DC 12V/2A



The EnviroKlenz SMART IAQ Monitor comes equipped with advanced features to elevate visibility of your indoor air quality. Features include:

  • Preset IAQ thresholds: Thresholds are set in alignment with national IAQ standards to signal when your indoor air quality has reached levels exceeding optimal conditions
  • Compatibility with EnviroKlenz SMART Devices: The SMART IAQ Monitor pairs seamlessly with the EnviroKlenz SMART Cube™ and EnviroKlenz SMART Connect™ Conversion Kit to intelligent communicate with these devices and lend operational control and IAQ insights through active data collection.
  • Data visualization through mobile app: Through the EK SMART Air app, you can access real-time and historical IAQ data at any time and from anywhere, giving you full transparency of your indoor environment.
  • Non-invasive installation: With no hardwiring required, the SMART IAQ Monitor is non-invasive and easy to install or mount within any setting.
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A smarter way to manage your air quality

Broad scope monitoring of IAQ conditions

The SMART IAQ Monitor actively monitors 6 common in-room conditions – PM(particulate matter)2.5, PM1.0, total volatile organic compounds (VOCs), carbon dioxide (CO2), temperature, and humidity.

With precise accuracy and up to a 2,500 sq ft range of monitoring, the SMART IAQ Monitor gives you reliable insights into the quality of your environment.

Broad scope monitoring of in-room conditions
seamless connectivity with SMART Devices

Seamless connectivity with SMART Devices

While intelligent on its own, the SMART IAQ Monitor also works seamlessly with our collection of SMART Devices, including the EnviroKlenz SMART Connect™ Conversion Kit and EnviroKlenz SMART Cube™, to guide clean air optimization.

Access real-time IAQ data with the EK SMART Air™ mobile app

Through the EK SMART Air app, you can access real-time data insights, select recommended device automations and scheduling, and receive environmental alerts, all to help you manage your indoor air quality with ease.

Simply pair your SMART IAQ Monitor to the app and gain full visibility of your indoor environment.


*Available for download on Apple and Android app stores.

visualizing IAQ data with ease
Understand what's in your air

Easy to access and customizable, data visualizations on the EK SMART Air app give you full visibility of exactly what is in your air and when, so you can always say in the know about the quality of your air. Combined with the app’s automated alert system, receive IAQ and device updates in real-time for easy clean air management.

Key building benefits

real-time and historical data insights
Real-time and historical data insights on 6 in-room conditions
automated alert system
Automated alert system for addressing IAQ concerns
preset IAQ thresholds
Preset IAQ thresholds and operational recommendations, aligned with national standards
centralized mobile data center
Centralized mobile data center for organizing multi-room, multi-device scenarios

Frequently asked questions

Where can I use the SMART IAQ Monitor?

You can use your SMART IAQ Monitor in any indoor environment you’d like for IAQ visibility. Its non-invasive design only requires an electrical outlet and somewhere to place or mount the monitor for instant readings. Connect it to your local WiFi network through the EK SMART Air app and receive IAQ insights on the go.

Do I have to have other SMART Devices in order to use the SMART IAQ Monitor?

No, you do not need other SMART Devices, like the EnviroKlenz SMART Cube™ or SMART Connect™ Conversion Kit, in order to operate your SMART IAQ Monitor. On its own, the monitor provides you with transparency of your indoor environment through real-time and historic IAQ data collection. View these measures in real time from the monitor itself, or access it on the go and at any time from the EK SMART Air app.

Can I connect multiple SMART IAQ Monitors to my EK SMART Air app?

Yes, you can pair multiple SMART IAQ Monitors to your EK SMART Air app and assign by room or building. Your monitor can assess up to 2,500 sq ft, but we recommend outfitting your building or home with monitors based on ‘zones’, whether that is designated by room or by square footage.

How does the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor differ from traditional air quality sensors?

The EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor offers advanced features like real-time data collection, IoT connectivity, and autonomous operation with the EnviroKlenz SMART Cube™ and SMART Connect™ Plug. It tracks a range of pollutants and environmental factors, including particulate matter, total VOCs, CO2, temperature, and humidity, providing comprehensive indoor air quality monitoring.

Can the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor be integrated with other smart home devices?

Yes, the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor features IoT capabilities, allowing seamless integration with Building Management Systems and Smart Home devices for a more holistic approach to air quality management.

Is the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor suitable for medical-grade environments?

The EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor, in conjunction with the EnviroKlenz Smart Cube, is built for medical-grade protection, offering 99.9% airborne contaminant removal and compliance with ASHRAE Standard 241.

What pollutants does the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor detect and how does it help in reducing them?

The monitor detects particulate matter (PM1, PM2.5), total VOCs, CO2, temperature, and humidity. It communicates with the EnviroKlenz SMART Cube™ and SMART Connect™ Plug to adjust filtration settings in real-time, ensuring optimal air quality.

How cost-effective and energy-efficient is the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor?

The EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor is designed for cost and energy efficiency, requiring minimal annual maintenance and offering customizable filtration settings for different environments.

What are the symptoms of poor indoor air quality and how does the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor help in addressing them?

Symptoms of poor air quality include irritation of eyes, nose, throat, skin, headaches, fatigue, and allergies. The EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor helps identify and mitigate these pollutants, improving overall indoor air quality.

Can the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor be used in various settings like homes, offices, and schools?

Absolutely, the EnviroKlenz Smart IAQ Monitor is versatile and can be used in diverse environments, including homes, offices, classrooms, and medical settings, adapting to the specific air quality needs of each space.



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