How To Purge Your Home of Toxic Chemicals

How Huge Numbers of Toxic Chemicals in Your Home Affect Your Health

Toxic Chemicals

It’s no secret that our homes are filled with toxic chemicals. Major newspapers like the New York Times and Chicago Tribune write feature series on toxic products and chemicals, and they are frequently the subject of television, radio, and magazine reports as well. Entire organizations exist now with the sole purpose of reporting on toxins in products, with advice to consumers on how to choose safe ones.

But while it’s important to know that there are fire retardants in our sofas and solvents in nail polish, formaldehyde on bed sheets and even organic food contains residues of Roundup, the more important issue here is the sheer number of chemicals we are exposed to right in our own homes, from consumer products we use every day.

How important is your Indoor Air Quality?

There are literally tons of toxic chemicals in the world. In 2009, in the United States alone, 248 million tons of toxic chemicals were produced, which ended up in our consumer products and the number is certainly higher today. According to the Chemical Abstracts service, more than 102 million industrial chemicals have now been registered, and more are added every few seconds.Some of these chemicals are considered safe for human use, but the vast majorities have not been fully tested for safety.

But the fact of greatest concern is almost no tests have been undertaken to evaluate the possible effects when these chemicals are combined with each other. In our daily lives, we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals in our homes, workplaces, and public spaces, which all combine in our bodies after we eat and drink them, breathe them in, and rub them on our skin. The few studies that have been done on the synergistic effects of only two chemicals show that combination increase risks dramatically. Smoking cigarettes, for example, increases the cancer risk of asbestos. But in our homes, we are exposed to hundreds of chemicals that are interacting together. We just cannot even calculate how harmful the exposure might be of this “chemical soup.”


Potential Risk to High Levels of Chemical Exposure

The result of this huge exposure to toxics, both in volume and in the wide variety of types is that now virtually every symptom and illness as been associated with exposure to toxic chemicals that are easily found in our modern homes. In addition to cancer, birth defects and changes in our cells and DNA, toxic chemical exposures are known to make you fat, affect your ability to think and feel, and keep you awake at night.


How to improve your indoor air quality

Remove VOCs from your home

There are hundreds of things you can do to reduce toxic chemical exposures one by one around the house. But one fast and affordable way to eliminate many toxic exposures all at once is to purchase an air purifier that can remove a broad spectrum of chemical gasses from the air. If you are financially unable or not ready to commit to purchasing a room air purifier there are options available to you for in-home filtration. The EnviroKlenz HVAC filter was designed to replace you existing HVAC or furnace filter and installs directly into your system. Beyond removing dust, dander, and particulates the EnviroKlenz HVAC filter focuses on the removal and neutralization of chemical odors and malodors. While you unit is running your EnviroKlenz HVAC filter is working hard behind the scenes to neutralize the toughest chemical odors and VOCs from your indoor environment. The filter under normal use will last 3-5 months and is available in both standard and custom sizes.

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