Chemical Odors in your Home are Potential Allergy Triggers

Remove Indoor Toxins from your Home
Depending where you live in the world fall allergy has begun and allergy sufferers should be mindful of both outside allergens as well as indoor allergy triggers as well. Most allergy sufferers take for granted the indoor air quality in their home and very often there are allergy triggers such as formaldehyde, mold odors, dust, and pet dander.

Routine cleaning is recommended but for added protection for allergy suffers and those with multiple chemical sensitivites allergist recommend an air cleaner or air purifier for your home. Beware that not all air purifiers are created equal and consumer should look into which ones fits best within their lifestyle, budget, and allergy sensitivities. It is crucial that you look beyond particulate removal and focus on an air purifier that can also remove chemical odors and VOCs which serve as triggers to your allergies. Here are some common chemical odors can be found in your home that may trigger an allergic reaction.

Indoor Chemical pollutants

Indoor Chemical pollutantsChemical pollutants can be found in many forms. However, for the case of indoor air pollution, formaldehyde is the most common pollutant in most homes today. In most cases, it finds its way into homes through pressed-wood furniture made using urea-formaldehyde resin like hardwood plywood paneling, medium-density fiberboard and particle board used in sub-flooring, furniture, shelving and paneling.

Other commonly found indoor chemical pollutants include hobby glues, paints, cleaning products, garden and pool chemicals, air fresheners and some personal care products.

Chemical Contaminant Sources

According to, the CDC there are a variety of chemical contaminants found in a variety of sources. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are common chemical contaminants found in office and home environments and are a source of odors. VOCs are organic (containing carbon) chemicals that can easily evaporate into the air. Many products found in the office environment may have the potential to release VOCs. Examples include:
Caulks, sealants, and coatings
Paints, varnishes, and/or stains
Wall coverings
Cleaning agents
Fuels and combustion products
Paint Bucket
Vinyl flooring
Fabric materials & furnishings
Air fresheners and other scented products
Personal products of employees like perfume, shampoos, etc.


Mold Odors are Hidden Allergy Triggers in your Home

Mold odors have been associated as one of the more commonly hidden allergy triggers inside of your home. Indoor mold growth can be taking place inside of your walls and may not be visible to the trained eye but can cause some severe damage to both your health and allergies as well.Mold can become a serious detriment in your home and the first step to removing or treating the mold odors is to recognize the source of the problem and get it fixed immediately.
Check your plumbing, especially your faucets and make sure there are no visible leaks both at the faucet and at the shut-off located underneath your cabinets.Basement are known to carry a moldy and mildew smell and it is important to inspect your basement for any visible signs of water damage and when possible air out your basement monthly or make use of dehumidifiers or air movers for proper air circulation

Remove Toxic Chemicals from your Home

The EnviroKlenz technology was designed with the most sensitive in mind by providing products that are both safe and effective at removing chemical odors and fragrances from your home that can potentially trigger your allergies or asthma.The EnviroKlenz HVAC filter was designed to replace your existing normal HVAC or Furnace filter and it not only takes care of the removal of particulates from your indoor air space but, in addition, will remove and neutralize chemical odors, VOCs, and toxic chemicals from your home.

For room to room air filtration and mitigation the EnviroKlenz mobile air system was designed to be your go to the air cleaner for chemical odors and VOCs. The mobile air system is equipped to provide 2 step air filtration of your home by removing both particulates and chemical odor from your home. The unit is portable and provides variable speed functionality which allows you to turn it up to high for instances where odors are strong and be turned down to whisper mode to clean your air while you are entertaining company or are ready for bedtime. To learn more about what make the EnviroKlenz mobile air system different click here.

Our Recommended Solution…

The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is your solution to removing VOCs and chemical pollutants from your indoor environment. With the use of a hospital-grade HEPA filter and an effective earth mineral technology air cartridge, this two-stage filtration is perfect to place in your indoor space to mitigate potential hazards to your health. Whether you have chemical sensitivities, allergies, or are just looking to improve your indoor air quality, the EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System is your answer!

  • Simple and Easy to Set-Up, with Minimal Maintenace 
  • Replace Air Cartridge every 4 to 6 Months
  • HEPA Filter Replaced Every Two Years
  • Quiet Operation, 4-Speed Motor
  • No Chemical Odors Released!
We are confident that our EnviroKlenz Technology will drastically reduce the odors in your home, if it doesn’t live up to your expectations, we will issue a full refund within 30 days of your purchase!

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