When fabric lies idle in a damp and warm setting, it’s highly likely that mildew or mold will start growing on it, which is usually evidenced by splotchy and/or discolored patches.

These two can pose a major health risk when not dealt with quickly, so here are some techniques to help you get rid of mold and mildew effectively and safely. If this is a constant problem, you may want to invest in an air cleaner that removes mold and mildew.

Toothbrush & Stain Remover#1. Toothbrush And Stain Remover

Using an old toothbrush with fairly firm bristles, scrub at the patch of mold/mildew, and do so until you remove as much of the build-up as possible.

Throw away the toothbrush as soon as you are done with scrubbing. Afterwards, spray a stain remover on the scrubbed section and let it sit for half an hour before washing the fabric with hot water.

#2. Bleach

A water and bleach solution is a great way to kill harmful mold or mildew, while also restoring the discolored patch to its initial shade. The general procedure is listed below.

– Tune your laundry machine to “hot”, since hot water is more adept at removing and killing the fungi than cold water.

– Throw in your detergent and when it begins to foam, add a cup of bleach into the water.

– Add your mold-infested clothes once the machine is filled with water, and run it as usual. When the process is complete, the mold/mildew should be completely gone.

Bleach is particularly suitable for white clothes, as it tends to deteriorate the vibrancy of dyed fabrics. If this method doesn’t work for you, or if you have colored clothes, then try out the following options.

#3. Vinegar

VinegarVinegar is also an excellent alternative, as it is known to kill upwards of 80% of all mold varieties. It also removes that unappealing moldy smell that is a result of mold growth. Washing your clothes with vinegar entails the following:

– Add a little detergent into your washing machine with your clothes and let it fill with water.

– Add vinegar to the load; about one cup is enough to get the job done, but no more than two.

– Complete washing as you normally would with your regular clothes.

Alternatively, you could place your clothes in a bucket of water, then add a single cup of white vinegar. Let it sit for about 50 minutes, then repeat steps one through three above.

#4. Borax

Borax is a special laundry detergent that is especially successful when it comes to eliminating mold and mildew growths from fabrics. Since this detergent is hard to dissolve, you need to stir it up with hot water. Using borax generally encompasses the following steps:

– Add the borax powder to half a cup of hot water, and stir until the particles disappear into the solution.

– Pour the solution slowly into the washing machine, then wash your clothes as you normally would.


When washing clothes with mold or mildew, it’s prudent that you proceed with the utmost care. Protective gear, like gloves and face masks, is a necessity when handling moldy clothes. Also, make sure that you isolate the moldy fabrics so that you wash them separately from your other clothes.

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