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When we think about allergies, we mainly associate this health condition with humans that have reactions to an allergen. Human allergies are what we tend to focus on because it directly impacts our health, but have you thought about your dog who may also be suffering from allergies in your home? Just like people, dogs can present signs of allergic symptoms when their immune systems start to react to certain substances they are surrounded by every day. The allergens in your home that could be impacting your dog’s health are mainly common harmless substances in your environment that your dog just has a reaction to. What kind of allergens could be causing your dog to have these allergies and how do we help our furry friends overcome this allergy? Different types of mold in your home could be a prominent component in your home perpetuating your dog’s allergies.

Can Dogs Have AllergiesCan Dogs Have Allergies?

When we are talking about allergies, no matter the sufferer the result of allergies is due to the same reason in both adults and dogs. The culprit of allergies is an overactive immune system, our immune system is designed to protect us, but when it accidentally mistakes non-harmful environmental allergens as a threat then the allergic reaction will take place, many times it will be an allergic reaction to mold or other household allergens. Unfortunately, allergies in dogs are quite common and most allergy symptoms will become present in dogs when they reach ages one or two, with onset symptoms showing as early as age six months.

What Are Dogs Allergic to?

There are common environmental allergens that can elicit allergy symptoms in dogs such as dust mites, fleas, molds, and pollen from grasses, trees, weeds, and flowers. Some dogs are genetically predisposed to allergies such as golden retrievers, poodles, pugs, miniature schnauzers, shih tzus, irish setters, german shepards, and terriers. If your dog tends to have allergic reaction symptoms inside your home and for a long duration of time, you can assume that he is allergic to something in your home. A common household allergen in your home that can affect both humans and dogs is mold and mold spores in your environment that can trigger your allergy symptoms.

Dog Mold Allergies

Dogs can have a reaction to allergens in their environment such as mold spores and mold in the air. When your dog inhales mold spores they typically will experience very itchy skin being the first sign of irritation caused by mold. Mold is one of the most common inhalant allergens for canines to be exposed to, just like humans. It is a dog owner responsibility to check the indoor environment for possible mold growth that could impact your dog’s allergy symptoms.

Common Dog Allergy Signs

Spotting the signs of allergies in your dog can be easy, due to the prominent signs your dog will display when they experience a reaction. Especially mold-allergic dogs will develop noticeable signs of allergies. Your dog may rub his body against the ground trying to relieve the itching, or he may even lick his body constantly for relief. In more severe cases, your pet may develop a secondary skin infection after he repeatedly chews his skin. Other indications of allergies in dogs could be sneezing, watery eyes, or coughing.

Natural Remedies for Dog Allergies: Getting Rid of Mold in Your Home

Reducing the amount of mold in your home can help aid in the severity of your dog’s allergies. First, you need to find the areas where mold is present in your home so that you can treat the infected areas. Calling in a mold remediation specialist is important, as the mold can grow and start to next impact your health as well. To help prevent the potential release of mold into your air in the future, you may need to invest in an efficient air purifier to help filter your home’s air. The EnviroKlenz Mobile UV System works to kill microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses, and mold spores with the use of ultraviolet germicidal radiation (UVC lights) that are inside of the purifier. This air purification system also uses a two-stage filtration process with our EnviroKlenz earth mineral air cartridge that works against a broad spectrum of chemicals and odors that come into contact with the air cartridge, as well as a hospital-grade HEPA filter that removes particulate matter up to 0.3 microns in size.

Removing mold

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