Whether you keep your car in tip-top condition or not, mold may still be an issue that you are faced with – and a potentially hazardous issue. If you own a vehicle it is your responsibility to keep out a watchful eye for any alarming or growing spots in your car that could be mold growth. Mold growth in a vehicle can result in two things, financial costs and even at a cost to your health. But why is mold in your car and what can you do to stop the future growth of mold in your vehicle?

What Causes Mold to Grow in a CarWhat Causes Mold to Grow in a Car?

Mold can grow on just about anything, and cars are no exception. Just like homes, cars are also susceptible to moisture problems, which can lead to the development of mold. Why is you car developing mold and how to stop mould in car? The best way to determine if your car has mold growth is to inspect the car for moisture problems, this is the main cause to mold growth in a car. Moisture problems in your car can happen from a few different situations including:

Car Detailing 

Often times after your car undergoes a car detailing, water will become retained in the interior of the vehicle and can lead to potential mold growth inside the car. And to make things worse, if you limit air exchange inside the car by closing the doors and windows it will increase the temperature, presenting a warm environment for mold to grow.

Car Flooding 

A car flood can occur when you accidentally leave open access for water to enter into the car, such as leaving your car window down or leaving your sunroof open. Water damage will occur in the car and impact the interior of the car, leaving it moist and susceptible to mold.

Air Conditioners

When you turn on your cars air conditioning system, you can become ambushed with odors that are unpleasant to say the least. This happens quite often in most cars, with air conditioning systems being one of the most common sources of mold in your car.


Mold within your car’s interior can lead to several health effects and can even lead to an illness called Sick Car Syndrome. Sick Car Syndrome is used to describe the possible health effects of toxic materials used in the interior of a car or those found in a car like mold. This syndrome can have significant effects on human health and thus protecting and combating against toxins in your car is necessary to protect your health. Sometimes the risks are even higher with black mold in car. If you want to properly remove mold VOCs from the surface of your car, you will need to use an effective VOC surface eliminator, like the EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator. Wipe down the hard, water safe surfaces in your car, carpeting, and any fabric seats (avoid using it on leather seats!). Removing the VOCs from the car will help to eliminate toxins from the vehicle and create a safer environment for human health.