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How to Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell

How to Get Rid of Spray Paint Smell

The home renovations have commenced, and you have finally begun to make the necessary improvements that you have been eager to make to your house. It could be a change to your flooring, new wood cabinets in your kitchen, or even a fresh coat of paint to your tv stand, walls, or even your front […]

Tips for Churches to Ensure Good Air Quality

Places of worship are often seen as a sanctuary for prayer, spiritual growth, and the coming together of like-minded individuals. Many rituals, actions, and behaviors occur on a regular basis within these environments, carried out by their respective religious communities. To many, places like the church, temple, mosque, or shrine are considered a safe haven; […]

what's making my home unhealthy this season?

What’s Making My Home Unhealthy This Season?

  Tis the season of cozy nights spent by the fireplace, houses full of visiting family and friends, and ovens packed with holiday dishes all month long. As we continue to drift into colder months, our minds are wrapped around holiday preparations and how to stay warm for winter! But, what most people may not think about is the health of their homes this season. Many actions […]

air purifier for wildfire smoke

The Impact of Wildfire Smoke on Indoor Air Quality

  Just when your need for clean air has peaked (amid a global pandemic), let us now consider wildfires in the Western part of our country. If you live in an affected area, not only are you likely being told to limit your time outdoors, but you also should take careful steps to protect the […]

Are Paint Fumes Dangerous Indoors

Are Paint Fumes Dangerous Indoors?

  Time is on our hands, and a lot of people are taking the time to renovate and spruce up their home’s, which can include the addition of fresh paint onto the walls in their indoor environment. A fresh coat of paint can make a world of difference for the aesthetic of your home and […]

Do You Need Attic Ventilation with Spray Foam Insulation

Do You Need Attic Ventilation with Spray Foam Insulation?

Did you know that the United States Federal Housing Authority recommends that every home has a minimum of at least 1 square foot of attic ventilation for every 300 square feet of attic floor space? It is no surprise that many homeowners and builders believe that it is essential that attics should be properly ventilated […]

Is Olefin Safe Flooring for Your Home

Is Olefin Safe Flooring for Your Home?

When it comes to the flooring inside of your home, often times not much is considered during the purchase and installation of this flooring other than the aesthetic look of the floors in the home, the cost of the flooring, and how durable the material is to last longer in their indoor space. However, although […]

How Long Do Polyurethane Fumes Last

How Long Do Polyurethane Fumes Last in a Home

The installation of new wood finishing’s in your home can be something exciting for many homeowners who thrive in the new updated look of their personal indoor environment. Whether that be the installation of new wood flooring throughout the main living areas, shiny new wood cabinets hung in the kitchen, or even the delivery of […]

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