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Ensure your cleanest air, year-round, with the EnviroKlenz SMART Filter, combining our patented and proven FAST-ACT science with industry-standard H13 HEPA into one powerful filter for a smarter way to purify your air. 

Designed to optimize your Air System, the SMART Filter tackles a broad spectrum of airborne particles, allergens, and chemicals with ease and efficiency, sustainably designed to last you an entire year of your cleanest air possible. 

Clean technology

We don’t believe in using toxic chemicals and fillers to filter your air. The EnviroKlenz SMART Filter uses Mother Nature’s most powerful ingredients to get the job done.

Our FAST-ACT technology contains:

  • Aluminum oxide
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Zinc oxide
Safe and sustainable
  • Contains NO: chemicals, fillers, or toxic ingredients
  • Sustainably sourced, manufactured, and packaged
  • Safe for you, your family, and the planet
Product specs
  • Size: 14″ x 14″ x 4″
  • Compatible with: your Air System, Air System Plus, and SMART Cube™
  • Lifespan: 1 year
  • Third-party tested and proven for 99.9% contaminant removal
  • Embedded with:
    • FAST-ACT earth mineral technology to capture and neutralize airborne chemicals and pathogens, including:
      • viruses
      • bacteria
      • chemicals
      • volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
      • mold and other allergens
      • odors
    • Gross particulate pre-filter
    • H13 HEPA
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A smarter way to purify your air

Gross particulate pre-filter acts as a barrier for collecting larger particulates like dust and dander to avoid internal clogging and maintain proper airflow
Patented blend of FAST-ACT metal oxides effectively capture and neutralize airborne chemical contaminants, pathogens, pollutants, and toxic odors
Industry-standard H13 HEPA provides high-efficiency filtration of fine particulates and micro-organisms

Proven purification, down to a science

Thanks to our dedicated team of scientists, we created a patented process applied to pure earth minerals that dramatically enhances their natural capabilities to latch onto and deactivate toxins – we call it FAST-ACT.

We pack these powerful minerals inside our SMART Filter, along with layering a pre-filter and H13 HEPA for added filtration, to provide unmatched protection against all things toxic in the air around you. The best part – our technology is completely toxin-free, making it safe for you and the planet.

proven purification, down to a science
Minimized maintenance for more easy breathing

Minimized maintenance for more easy breathing

With greater efficiency packed inside of one powerful filter, the all-encompassing SMART Filter provides sustainable clean air protection for an entire year, meaning less maintenance, less replacement parts, and less annual waste – that’s not only a win for your lungs, but also for your pocket and the planet.

Filtration, beyond the standards















Third-party case study has proven the EnviroKlenz FAST-ACT technology to effectively reduce infectious aerosols by 99.9% within 30 minutes, exceeding that of MERV13 filtration alone and complying with ASHRAE 241’s Normative Appendix A. 

Phi x 74 (Virus) Removal Rate
E. Coli (Bacteria) Removal Rate
Staphylococcus Epidermidis (Bacteria) Removal Rate

Key building benefits

annual filter replacement
Only one filter change, one time a year
sustainable clean air
Less annual waste for more sustainable clean air
combined filtration methods
Maximum efficiency through combined filtration methods
compatible with EnviroKlenz Air Systems
Compatible with any EnviroKlenz Air System or SMART Cube™ model

Frequently asked questions

What model of EnviroKlenz Air System can I use the SMART Filter with?

You can use the SMART Filter in any model of EnviroKlenz Air System, including the Standard and UV models. Allow the SMART Filter to replace your current Air Cartridge and HEPA filters for an annual single-filter maintenance routine.

How often do I need to replace the SMART Filter?

We recommend that with regular use of your EnviroKlenz Air System, you should replace your SMART Filter once per year. Of course, you can adjust this frequency based on how consistently you use your Air System, or how polluted your environment may be. If you suffer from sensitivities to airborne particles, allergens and chemicals, you may want to consider replacing the SMART filter more often to ensure its full efficiency.


Is the EnviroKlenz Smart Filter suitable for medical-grade environments?

Yes, the EnviroKlenz SMART Filter is built for medical-grade protection, offering 99.9% airborne contaminant removal and compliance with ASHRAE Standard 241. This is accomplished through its combination of our third-party tested and highly effective FAST-ACT technology with industry-standard H13 HEPA.

What pollutants does the EnviroKlenz Smart Filter protect against?

The SMART Filter has been extensively lab and real-world tested to effectively capture and neutralize a broad range of airborne pollutants, including airborne viruses, bacteria, mold, toxic chemicals, allergens, and even odors, from your indoor air space, getting rid of them for good.

How cost-effective is the SMART Filter?

The SMART Filter is cost-effective for you by reducing the number of filters you need to operate your Air System as well as consolidating your replacement schedule to just once a year. Not only does this save you money upfront, but it also reduces annual waste in the long run, reducing your waste contribution year over year.

What are the symptoms of poor indoor air quality and how does the EnviroKlenz SMART Filter help in addressing them?

Symptoms of poor air quality include irritation of eyes, nose, throat, skin, headaches, fatigue, and allergies. The EnviroKlenz Smart Filters helps to effectively and efficiently capture and mitigate these pollutants for good, improving overall indoor air quality.


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