The Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Discover the best eco-friendly laundry detergent! Our guide ensures how to make conscious laundry choices for a greener planet. Learn how!

Laundry habits, like detergent choice and washing methods, can significantly impact the environment. By consciously choosing the best eco-friendly laundry detergent, you do your part in reducing the release of harmful substances into the environment.

While you may want to contribute to protecting our planet and promoting sustainability through conscious laundry choices, how do you know an environmentally friendly laundry detergent?

Indeed, finding a single earth friendly laundry detergent that works for everyone is impossible. However, this guide explains the important factors to consider when choosing safe, eco-friendly products, so keep reading.

Ingredients to look for in Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent

Eco-friendly laundry detergents typically contain biodegradable ingredients. In other words, they are made from substances that can be broken down naturally by microorganisms (such as bacteria or fungi) into simpler, non-toxic compounds over time. These compounds can then be absorbed into the environment without causing harm or pollution.

Unlike conventional detergents that are considered a major pollutant to the natural ecosystem, the ingredients in a sustainable laundry detergent are derived from renewable resources and have minimal environmental impact.

Here are some common components found in a typical environmentally friendly laundry detergent:

Plant-Based Surfactants

Surfactants are responsible for removing dirt and stains from fabrics. Eco-friendly detergents often use surfactants derived from plant-based ingredients and oils rather than harsh chemicals that are non-biodegradable and harmful to the environment.


Enzymes are natural substances that help break down protein-based stains like blood, grass, or food. They are commonly used in some eco-friendly detergents because they are highly effective and biodegradable.

Natural Fabric Softeners

Some eco-friendly detergent options contain all natural fabric softeners like plant-based ingredients that help reduce static, soften fabrics, and eliminate the need for chemical-based fabric softeners.

Biodegradable Ingredients

Many eco-friendly laundry detergent products contain additional biodegradable ingredients like citric acid or sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) to boost cleaning power, adjust pH levels, or enhance stain removal.

Reduced Packaging

To contribute to protecting the environment, it is usually best to look for eco-friendly detergents with packaging designed to minimize waste. Opt for laundry products packaged in recyclable or compostable containers, as these will not clog waterways or end up in landfills.

While not all eco-friendly laundry products check this box, a fully  eco-friendly liquid laundry enhancer, like the EnviroKlenz Laundry Liquid Box 20 Load, comes in packaging made from recycled materials.

Oxygen Bleach

Some eco-friendly detergents may include oxygen bleach as a whitening and brightening agent. Unlike chlorine bleach used in regular laundry detergents, oxygen bleach is non-toxic and breaks down into oxygen and water, making it safer for the environment.

6 Tips to Find the Best Eco-Friendly Laundry Detergent 

Nowadays, manufacturers throw around green labels like “chemical-free,” “all-natural,” and “eco-friendly,” making it difficult for many environmentally conscious consumers to choose the right products.

However, you can separate facts from marketing jargon if you know what to look for. Here are 6 tips to consider when purchasing an environmentally friendly laundry detergent:

1. Safe, Eco-Friendly Ingredients 

First, look at the ingredient list on the laundry product, no matter the label claim. You want to choose products made from natural ingredients (the fewer the ingredients, the better).

It is usually best to avoid products that contain harsh chemicals, phosphates, artificial fragrances, or bleach. A report by the Association of Occupational and Environmental Clinics reveals that bleach can cause asthma, trigger an asthma attack, or worsen the condition in asthma patients.

Opt for laundry detergents with plant-based or organic ingredients. A classic example is the EnviroKlenz Laundry Powder, formulated with Mother Nature’s powerful stain-fighting ingredients, including zinc oxide, aluminum oxide, and sodium carbonate, among a few others.

2. Gentle on Clothes

Eco-friendly laundry detergents are formulated to clean clothes and remove stains without damaging the fabrics or equipment like septic systems and washing machines.

Choose septic-safe products that can easily break down without affecting the balance in the septic system. If you have a high-efficiency washing machine, keep an eye out for laundry detergents labeled “HE compatible,” as they are low-suds products formulated specifically for high-efficient (HE) washers.

In addition to being septic-safe, our Laundry Enhancer Liquid is HE-compatible and is suitable for use in front-load washing machines. This gentle-acting earth friendly laundry detergent may not have a strong artificial smell, but it won’t leave unpleasant chemical smells behind.

3. Find Laundry Detergent with Sustainable Ingredients

Choose sustainable detergents ― products formulated with renewable and natural ingredients. You want to avoid synthetic ingredients, such as:

  • Masking agents or artificial fragrances (which may trigger itching and other allergic reactions in some people).
  • Petroleum-based chemicals
  • Parabens
  • Chlorine
  • Optical brighteners
  • Artificial dyes
  • Petrochemical surfactants

4. Consider the Impact on the Environment 

Before you purchase any laundry detergent, it is advisable to research the company’s sustainability practices and commitments. Find out if they use renewable energy sources, practice responsible manufacturing, or support environmental initiatives.

Only choose brands that prioritize reducing their carbon footprint and have a transparent approach. All EnviroKlenz laundry products check these boxes because they are made with non-toxic, environmentally friendly ingredients.

5. Assess the Product Performance 

While focusing on eco-friendliness, choosing a detergent that also performs well is equally important. One of the best ways to do this is by reading customer reviews and looking for feedback on its cleaning effectiveness and stain removal capabilities.

If you or someone in your household has any allergies, be sure to keep that in mind when assessing the product’s cleaning performance. Regardless of its eco-friendly label and cleaning effectiveness, you want to avoid laundry detergent that contains fragrances (whether natural or artificial) if you have allergies.

6.Choose Concentrated Laundry Detergent

Consider opting for concentrated detergents that require less amount of product per load. The reason for this is simple: concentrated laundry detergents have reduced packaging waste and transportation emissions, making them more eco-friendly.

EnviroKlenz: Combining High Efficacy with Environmental Responsibility

When making the switch to alternative laundry solutions, it’s essential to find a product that prioritizes both performance and sustainability. EnviroKlenz Laundry products exemplifies this balance through its cutting-edge technology, which is based on a patented natural earth mineral technology.

It’s important to understand that “clean” has no odor. Many consumers are accustomed to associating the smell of synthetic fragrances with cleanliness. However, true cleanliness is achieved when odors and residues are effectively removed, not masked. EnviroKlenz embraces this principle with our laundry products that are designed to break down and neutralize a wide range of odors, including chemical odors and fragrances, without leaving behind any scent.

But why is this so important? Many eco-friendly detergents rely on enzymes to clean. Although enzymes are effective in breaking down organic stains from grass or food, they may not always be sufficient to handle tough odors and chemical residues. Moreover, there’s a hidden danger in over-reliance on enzymes. A study “Enzymes, detergents and skin: facts and fantasiesfound that laundry detergents with enzymes can cause respiratory and skin irritation in some individuals.

Transforming the Preloved Clothing & Sustainable Bedding Industries 

EnviroKlenz has become an indispensable tool in the preloved and second-hand clothing industry for its remarkable ability to eliminate odors, eradicate chemical residues, and effectively breathe new life into garments. Moreover, EnviroKlenz is actively establishing partnerships with platforms like Poshmark to raise awareness about non-toxic alternatives for refurbishing second-hand attire. The impact of EnviroKlenz extends beyond clothing, as it is also making significant strides in promoting awareness and sustainability in the realm of eco-friendly bedding. It is crucial to care for sustainable textiles using environmentally friendly laundry solutions to preserve their chemical-free qualities. To aid in this endeavor, our comprehensive guide, How to Find the Best Sustainable Bedding, provides valuable insights on selecting and maintaining sustainable bedding without compromising its integrity through the use of harsh chemicals.

Discover EnviroKlenz CARE Initiative: A Step Towards a Sustainable Future 

Sustainability isn’t led by just one person. EnviroKlenz collaborates with like-minded eco-conscious brands and social leaders who champion principles such as environmental justice, climate resilience, and waste reduction. This has served as a catalyst for our transformation into a more sustainable brand. Guided by the CARE Initiative, EnviroKlenz emphasizes the values of Craftsmanship, Accessibility, Responsibility, and Eco-Friendliness.

To delve deeper into EnviroKlenz’s impactful endeavors and discover how you can actively contribute to this movement, we invite you to explore the EnviroKlenz CARE Initiative and join our community in taking meaningful steps towards a sustainable and healthier future.

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