Melissa Crispell of the First State Health & Wellness Integrative Health Center is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, Certified Natural Health Provider, Certified Lifestyle Educator, Certified Wellness Coach, Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist, and a Naturopathic candidate. That’s just during the work day! Melissa has been published in Living Well (local health magazine), DC Practice Insights (a national magazine to help Chiropractors grow their businesses) and Acupuncture Today. In addition, she has spoken at the Integrative Health Symposium, Functional Medicine Success Summit, and the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. She is a Member of Health Studies Collegium speaker’s bureau and has given classes for both Naturopathic Physicians and Chiropractors at the National University of Health Sciences and Texas Chiropractic.

Melissa served 7 years as a Clinical Training Specialist for PERQUE Integrative Health, teaching physicians and providers all over the world how to grow their functional medicine practice using medical grade supplements and functional immunology. Melissa’s mission is to empower people of all health statuses to take control of their wellness journey. Melissa believes that when we have better information we make better choices. This includes debunking myths and sharing basic health concepts that are frequently over looked

EnviroKlenz Mobile System Promotion

The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System combines patented EnviroKlenz technology and HEPA filtration to provide “adsorptive neutralization” and removal of a broad spectrum of airborne contaminants such as chemicals, fragrances, VOCs, odors, pollen, dust, mold, allergens, bacteria, and more through the use of environmentally safe and fragrance-free materials.

The Mobile System Promotion is priced at a one-time offer of $650 and includes an EnviroKlenz Mobile air system with HEPA filter and EnviroKlenz Filter with 3 additional EnviroKlenz replacement filters.( if you would like to substitute some of your mobile system filters with an HVC filter you can by placing the sizes you will need in the order notes section of the checkout page)

Mix and matching your 3 free filters between HVAC filters & Mobile system replacements are Ok.

Over $300 In savings

EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System w/ EnviroKlenz Cartridge and HEPA filter

An easily installed EnviroKlenz-Air Cartridge contains a proprietary blend of materials to neutralize odors, chemicals, gasses, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), and larger particulates.
• A multi-speed blower offers the quiet and efficient airflow. The low setting allows for near silent operation while still maintaining odor elimination. Medium to High speeds creates maximum air efficiency at noise levels still suitable for residential and commercial use.
• Affordable maintenance costs.
• No tools are required for unit maintenance.



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What Makes the EnviroKlenz® Mobile Air System Different?

Removal of hazardous pollutants from the air is an important application area with significant impact on human health and quality of life. Portable home air filters, personal protection respirators, and large scale filtration systems installed in buildings are examples of air filtration products widely used to improve air quality and prevent exposure to harmful chemicals. Air filters removing chemical pollutants, gasses, or vapors, are frequently used in the home where individuals are sensitive to chemicals or other environmental factors or pollutants may be present.

The majority of air systems only focus on particle filtration. These devices may use a combination of traditional MERV rated filters and HEPA filtration. In the image below, HEPA filtration does a good job of removing particulates, but it does not address chemical pollutants and odors.

Need more information? Feel free to visit our EnviroKlenz mobile frequently asked question page

enviroklenz mobile

EnviroKlenz® Advantage

EnviroKlenz® products have proven to be highly efficient “destructive adsorbents” for chemicals making them not only competitively advantageous but very attractive in multiple chemical sensitive situations. When the EnviroKlenz materials come into contact with harmful odor-causing chemicals, the metal oxides’ active sites first capture the chemical then initiate the neutralization process. This type of action is needed for the numerous types of odorous chemicals that possess a variety of different functional groups. The increased surface area, unique physical morphology, high chemical reactivity, and functional porosity, all contribute to the enhanced chemical adsorption and odor neutralizing characteristics.

    •  EnviroKlenz materials are highly effective against many common chemical irritants, pollutants, and odors.
    •  EnviroKlenz technology can offer dramatically increased chemical neutralization capability and broader efficacy towards a variety of chemical classes.
    •  EnviroKlenz technology can be deployed into existing air handling systems or stand-alone mobile air systems.
    •  EnviroKlenz technology retains the adsorbed chemicals and/or fragrances.
    •  EnviroKlenz technology provides superior performance when compared to commercially available counterparts.

View Below to See Actual EnviroKlenz Customer Testimonials

I have severe MCS and this is the only air cleaner that I can actually tolerate. I live in an apartment that has a smoke next door who uses toxic cleaning products as well and this unit is the main reason that I can stay in my apartment today.

I got this air purifier as a recommendation from Debra Lynn Dadd;s show and was looking for something a little stronger then my O2 cleaner to remove chemical odors and VOC’s. I was very happy with the results of the EnviroKlenz mobile unit and can really tell the difference in air quality in my home. I keep it running day and night while I am at home and have had no issues.


This air purifier does the trick and more!! We use it in our son’s room when he comes visit us from college and it helps keep his odors and fragrances away from the rest of our home. The unit is quiet and looks really nice and best of all no smell of cologne is coming into my hallway.


We use this unit for our daughter who has MCS and it has been a real blessing for us. She reacts to almost everything and for the last year or so she was unable to tolerate our old carbon filters. I am very happy with the performance of the unit and the only thing I would change is that I wish they offered a bigger unit.




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EnviroKlenz Brand Promise

All EnviroKlenz mobile purchases include a 30-day money back guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your order, you may call the Customer support line at 239-331-5711 or email us at [email protected]. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase for any reason in the first 30 days of your order, you may request a full refund of your purchase.