What Makes Indoor Dust and Dander Levels High?

causes of high dust and dander in homes


Dust and dander are common allergy triggers for many allergy sufferers. Allergies are very common, with at least 1 in 5 Americans suffering from this frustrating medical condition, that’s an estimated 50 million Americans. Did you know that our homes are one of the biggest culprits for allergens and allergen exposure? According to allergist Asriani Chiu, half the battle of treating indoor allergies is recognizing you have them. Therefore, becoming aware of the key allergen culprits in your home can help you to mitigate the allergens and reduce the high levels of indoor dust and dander.

The two main sources of allergens in your home include dust and dander. Dust can be constructed of a variety of things such as plants, skin, soil, insects, food, fibers, and animal matter. This allergen can also attract another allergen to the environment called dust mites. These allergens thrive on dust, and the droppings made by dust mites are the most common triggers of allergy and asthma symptoms, according to the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma, & Immunology. Whereas dander is usually caused by a pet in the home. Dander allergy is elicited by tiny proteins in an animal’s saliva that sticks and clings to the surfaces in your home and on your body.

Causes of high dust and dander in homes

Studies have found that a six-room home in the U.S. collects an average of 40 pounds of dust each year. What could be the reason for this high level of allergens in the home? A combination of poor ventilation and improper cleaning can contribute to a collection of dust and dander in your indoor environment. Poor ventilation results in less air flow, which when the air is trapped and is not filtered out the allergens also get trapped within the air and create high levels of these substances in your home.

Removing allergens from your air

How can you reduce the level of dust and dander and remove allergens from the air? A big source of allergens is surprisingly in your air. The contaminated air harbors all sorts of allergens including dust, dander, dust mites, and other forms of allergens that can trigger your allergies. The ultimate solution to help in reducing the level of allergens in your air is by utilizing an effective HEPA air purification system. The EnviroKlenz Mobile Air System uses a patented earth mineral technology that is extremely effective at neutralizing a broad spectrum of chemicals and odors and has the added capability to remove allergens with a hospital-grade HEPA filter.

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