Why Does My Fridge Smell?

Why Does My Fridge Smell


After a long hour or two of grocery shopping you come home only to find that before you stockpile your refrigerator with groceries again, there is some attention that is needed, particularly with the odors swirling inside of this appliance. When we regularly clean our house every week or two, there are certain areas that we make sure that we clean-up such as flooring, surfaces, bedrooms, and bathrooms, which are all important areas of the home to clean regularly. However, certain areas and spaces in the home will be forgotten when cleaning such as your refrigerator.

In this article, we are going to discuss what can lead to odors in your refrigerator and learn what is the best odor remover for these appliances in your home.

My fridge stinks and I don’t know why

You’ve discovered the odor, now it’s time to learn more about the source of this undesirable odor emanating from your refrigerator. Could it be the take-out food from three nights ago, or maybe the expired milk on the shelf of the fridge? Or is there something more concerning inside of your refrigerator that is producing the nauseating smells from within the environment?

Most likely the cause of the stench isn’t from the food that is inside of the refrigerator that could stand to be tossed but from the surfaces of your fridge that have taken the food odors and absorbed it onto the surface. The smells that can collect inside of your refrigerator can range from food odors, to mildew smell, and even chemical smells from previous attempts to clean and deodorize the refrigerator.

Refrigerator smells like chemicals

Cleaning the inside of your refrigerator will require effective cleaning products that will not leave behind a strong chemical smell, and rather will rid the appliance of the odors without leaving another odor in its place. When it comes time to cleaning the inside of a fridge there are certain cleaning products you can use and there are others that you should consciously avoid using.

Many kitchen cleaners are very strong chemical cleaners that are designed with the sole purpose of killing germs. However, these chemical cleaners should not come into contact with food that is housed in your refrigerator. Instead, you should opt for you normal kitchen dishwashing liquid and some warm water to wipe the inside of the fridge like shelving and drawers to clean these surfaces.

Why does the refrigerator smell bad

Refrigerators are usually built to be durable and effective at fighting against certain issues such as odors. However, when food is improperly placed in this appliance, or regular maintenance cleaning is not performed than the odors will invade this space and taint the inside of your fridge. There are several causes to stinky, smelly refrigerators, and this includes the following:

When you place food inside of a refrigerator that is not properly sealed or covered it will result in the release of odors from the food into the air of the fridge.

The groceries will pile up inside of your refrigerator and leave the appliance at max capacity with no space left for extra groceries. This collection of food will create an overabundance of odors that can attribute to refrigerator smells.

Doing a deep clean of your refrigerator may occur every once a while, but in reality, there should be regular maintenance cleaning of your refrigerator to combat bacteria and smells that can develop inside.

One of the biggest culprits of bad refrigerator smells is from spoiled, expired food that was left in the fridge past its shelf life. This food will accumulate bacteria and even mold that will release a strong odor into the fridge. 

Odor remover for refrigerator

The EnviroKlenz Deodorizer Block utilizes an advanced odor neutralizing technology to remove odors from its surroundings. This deodorization block can be placed in areas like your refrigerator to safely and without fragrances and/or chemicals remove odors from the source. The deodorization process of the EnviroKlenz Deodorization Block works through a two-stage process of drawing-in and capturing the odors, then breaking the chemistry of the odor down completely from the area.

EnviroKlenz has been rigorously tested and validated to provide more neutralization of odors than charcoal, carbon, and/or baking soda when it comes to odor removal from sources.

Deodorizing Block

Patented earth mineral technology works to attack VOCs and break them down on a compound level

No chemicals or masking agents

Will not release any chemicals back into your environment

Get rid of odors

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