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Do Air Purifiers Work?

Do Air Purifiers Work A common question we often get asked on our website is, do air purifiers work and the answer is a little more entailed than a standard yes or no. There are many reasons for using an air purifier and the reasons range from allergies, chemical sensitivity, respiratory illnesses, or trying to maintain […]

How to get Smoke Smell out of House

How to get Smoke Smell out of House For just about anyone, the smell of smoke in their home can pose potential dangers to their health and very often we get asked the question on our website asking how to get rid of smoke smell. There has been a lot of attention brought to the […]

How to Remove Mildew Smell From Carpet

How to Remove Mildew Smell From Carpet Carpeting makes a nice addition to our homes and besides providing a more comfortable place to sit and lay on it actually retains warm air longer, and serves as a means for conserving energy. The problem is the difficulties of maintaining a clean carpet and if you ever […]

Best Air Purifier to Remove VOCs

There are several air purifiers that are available to you on the Internet and unless you know what you are looking for you may end up choosing an air purifier that doesn’t suit your particular needs. Air purifiers serve many different purposes and vary from different makes and models, some vary in speed, CFM’s, and […]

How to Remove Fragrances, Smoke Odors, & Chemical Odors From Your Car

How to Remove Chemical Odors From Your Car We do our best to keep our cars clean and free from toxins that may be harmful to our health, but it is sometimes difficult to remove fragrances from your car with traditional odor eliminators. Besides having to deal with common odors in your car, there are […]
how to remove new carpet odors

How to Remove New Carpet Odors

  Right now in your home, there are items that are off-gassing toxic vapors into your environment which can pose a potential health risk that is not tended to correctly. Cleaning products and furniture can contribute to the VOCs that are in your home, but one of the biggest culprits to the spreading of Violate […]

How to Remove Chemical Odors in New Clothing

What You Can Do To Remove Chemical Odors from New Clothing   We are all now well aware and educated on some of the toxins in pesticides that make their way into our food, but another concern that has been garnering some attention is the chemical odors in new clothing. Those who are chemically sensitive […]

Best Air Purifier for Multiple Chemical Sensitivity (MCS)

Over the last decade, medical professionals and environmentalist have experienced an unusually high amount of allergies symptoms and reactions among the general population. These symptoms ranged from but were not limited to difficulties in breathing, rashes, sinus blockage, nasal congestions, and spells of fatigue. These symptoms were later attributed to non-naturally occurring chemicals in the […]

How To Remove Fragrance From Your Clothes

  Fragrances are being used in retail stores on new clothing to give its shoppers a limbic boost or added impulse to stay in the store longer or in some cases spend more money at the store. The same signature scents are now being used by some major airlines and recently Delta responded that its […]
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