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How Does Mold Grow Indoors?

Mold is a gross, smelly issue that no homeowner wishes to deal with. Not to mention, it causes health issues when exposed to. Find out how hidden mold can grow its way into your home and affect you and your air quality.

Is Mold a Bacteria in Your Indoor Air?

Have you often heard these two organisms grouped together; both mold and bacteria? Although we may hear mold and bacteria similarly grouped together, we know that these two terms contain different hazards and conditions within your indoor environment, and conversely to your health if exposure occurs. Mold is the threatening fungi that can grow unexpectantly […]

Dangerous Types of Mold That Grow Indoors - featured

Dangerous Types of Mold That Grow Indoors

Nothing is quite as ominous or destructive as the growth and development of mold within your personal indoor environments, such as your home or office buildings. A potentially hazardous, fast-growing, and unalarming fungal growth in your home, mold and its numerous different species will easily grow and rapidly spread throughout the entire environment/air space of […]


Should You Use Air Scrubbers for Mold Remediation

Sometimes inside of a home you will experience drastic events such as construction, remodeling, and even mold issues that will call for a complete home remediation within this indoor space. Mold is a problem that can happen in almost any area, no matter the conditions or environment – whether you are experiencing warm or cold […]


Does an Ozone Generator Kill Mold?

The growth of mold has begun inside of your home, leaving your walls discolored, a musty odor permeating within your home, and in some cases it can even lead to an exacerbation of adverse health effects to those occupants exposed to the mold in their homes. The list of problems within a home that is […]


Identifying Mold Types

When we think about mold, we typically tend to think of older home’s as the major environments that mold thrive inside of and grows rapidly. Although older houses may be more susceptible to the intrusion of mold, this is not the only environment where mold will grow inside of and spread. Mold is a very versatile fungus […]


Comparing Air Purifiers for Mold, Mildew, & Other Microscopic Spores

The presence of mold within the environment is no surprise, as this fungal growth is a natural occurrence throughout both indoor and outdoor environments. Mold growth that develops in both indoor and outdoor environments, however, stem from different factors and functions; outdoor mold plays a part in nature by breaking down dead trees, whereas indoor […]

Best Air Purifier For Mold Odor Control

Air Purifier Option For Mold Issues & Odor Control

How does one know if they have high levels of VOCs or mold-generated VOCs in their home? It is highly recommended to contact a professional inspector and mold remediation company for mold mitigation, but a tell-tale sign would be the often offensive smells associated with mold-generated VOCs. Looking past the structural damage that mold can […]

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