Set of UV Bulbs

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Keep your air clean, and your Air System cleaner.

The set of UV Bulbs are designed to fit within your Air System Plus as an added layer of defense against harmful microorganisms. Using safe levels of UV-C light, the bulbs work to deactivate pathogens as they are drawn into the purification system, as well as internally sanitize your Air System Plus.

Safe and effective

We don’t believe in using toxic chemicals and fillers to filter your air. We utilize the industry-grade efficiency of HEPA filtration and safe, non-ozone producing UV-C light alongside our patented and proven FAST-ACT earth mineral technology to create an ultra-purifying solution for keeping your air its cleanest.

Your Air System and its filtration components:

  • Contain NO: chemicals, fillers, or toxic ingredients
  • Produce no ozone or toxic byproducts
  • Are safe for you, your family, and the planet
Product specs

UV-C Bulbs

  • Wavelength of 254 nm; outside of ozone producing range
  • Deactivate microorganisms and internally clean the system
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A clean take on air filtration

Not your average
air purifier

Most traditional filtration technologies merely capture certain pollutants, leaving your air still polluted with harmful elements. Not to mention, they can clog over time, reducing their efficiency and lifespan.

EnviroKlenz goes beyond the standards to not only capture but neutralize not-so-good pollutants in the air, doing so safely and effectively through the power of advanced earth minerals paired with industry-grade purification technologies.

  • EnviroKlenz Air System With Air Cartridge

Breathe in the

Thanks to our dedicated team of scientists, we created a patented process applied to pure earth minerals that dramatically enhances their natural capabilities to latch onto and deactivate toxins.

We pack these powerful minerals inside our Air Cartridge and pair it with an H13 HEPA filter and UV-C bulbs to provide unmatched protection against all things toxic in the air around you.

  • Female Using EnviroKlenz Air System Plus

Clean air, on repeat

With EnviroKlenz, breathe with confidence knowing you are surrounded by the cleanest air possible.

And when you subscribe to automatic replacement parts, you can guarantee hassle-free clean air, month after month, plus extra savings. That’s a perk worth investing in.


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