How To Remove Fragrance From Your Clothes

Fragrances are being used in retail stores on new clothing to give its shoppers a limbic boost or added impulse to stay in the store longer or in some cases spend more money at the store. The same signature scents are now being used by some major airlines and recently Delta responded that its use of its signature fragrance Calm, an eau d’aeroport that it sprays in airplane cabins and infuses in the hot towels would create a more relaxing environment. The concern for many is that not all passengers are receptive to the perfumes and scents being forced upon them and many who suffer from chemical sensitivities will now have a hurdle to climb while traveling

Scents on Airplanes

How To Remove Fragrances From Your Clothes
Airlines want to include scent in their airplanes and in gate areas.
The airlines don’t get it. Something smelling nice is okay, but they will be imposing chemicals on their passengers. It is the chemical, not the smell that is the problem. I like nice smelling things but when something nice smelling is full of chemicals, I want nothing to do with it. It makes me sick along with others who are asthmatic or have multiple chemical sensitivities. What about children? Do we want them to be forced to breathe chemicals during a flight?
I don’t fly often, but flying is the only way I can see my family. The idea of having scented chemicals sprayed into the cabin of the plane is a nightmare for me.
A call to action: The airlines claim they want customer feedback. This is our chance to give them feedback. Go to Twitter, go to Facebook, put it on your blogs, contact the individual airlines. We DO NOT want to be forced to breathe chemicals when we fly.
Please spread the word. If there is enough opposition, maybe they will reconsider stinky planes.

How To Safely Remove Fragrances from your Clothes

In the event that you are traveling and you noticed that some of the airline scents or fragrances from another passenger have transferred on to your clothing you will need to act quickly to avoid contaminating your other belongings. Set aside the clothes that have the fragrances or perfumes and wash them in a separate load from your normal clothing. To remove fragrances from your clothing use your normal detergent or free and clear with some EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer in a normal wash cycle. The EnviroKlenz laundry enhancer is designed to attack & neutralize the fragrance and odors from the clothing and restore them back to its original condition. For larger items such as coats, blankets, and large sweaters please refer to the directions on the back of your EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer for the manufacturers recommended and specified load sizes. EnviroKlenz products are made from natural earth minerals and contain no masking agents or fragrances making it the ideal choice for the chemically sensitive or those suffering from environmental illnesses.

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