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4 allergens in soap

4 Allergens in Soap That Lead to Dermatitis

Growing up we learn the importance of washing our hands often in practice of good hygiene. The rule of thumb is to wash our hands before meals, after using the restroom, and any time that we may think our hands are dirty. This can lead to multiple hand washings a day – which means a […]

Non-Toxic Gift Guide For The Home

Whether shopping for friends, family, or even yourself, it can be hard to pick out the perfect gifts to suit the needs of everyone on your shopping list. Will they absolutely love the gift, or will they feel the urge to return it a few days later? We’ve made your shopping journey a little easier by creating the ultimate EnviroKlenz Gift Guide, the perfect roadmap for you to […]

Do Air Purifiers Reduce Pet Odors?

  We love our house pets dearly, but we don’t love the smells they leave behind throughout our homes. It can be difficult to get rid of pet odors in the home, as they cling to furniture, bedding, and scattered toys, not to mention the odors associated with pet food and potty breaks. Masking these […]

remove pet urine smell from carpet

How Do You Remove Pet Urine From Carpet?

  Few things have the potential to bring so much unconditional love into your life as getting a pet. From big wet kisses to someone to welcome you home at the end of a long day, welcoming a pet into your home can be a joyful and rewarding experience, but like with anything, it also […]

The Benefits of Particulate Respiratory Breathing Mask Use to Human Health

The Benefits of Particulate Respirator Breathing Mask Use to Human Health

Stepping outside you may be exposed to a vast number of people that are strapped with breathing masks securely placed on their faces to protect their respiratory system from potentially harmful pollutants in the air. Air particulate respirator breathing masks have become a more prevalently purchased and used form of protection for human health, especially […]

non toxic hand soap

How to Remove Bleach Odor from Your Hands

  Every day we come into contact with smelly items that will leave an impact on ‘your’ smell. That smell can come from a variety of things that you touch throughout the day including trash, sweaty clothes, cooking odors, or even chemicals that find their way onto your hands. Many chemical cleaners today use harsh […]

Does Wearing a Face Mask Protect From Air Pollution

Does Wearing a Face Mask Protect from Air Pollution?

Did you know that fine particulate matter is tiny particles, no bigger than 2.5 micrometers? This matter is so small that it is often compared to human hair to show the significance in size, as human hair is between 50 and 70 micrometers in size. Therefore, the risks of ingesting or inhaling these very small […]

California Wildfire Tips to Protect Indoor Air Quality

California Wildfire Tips to Protect Indoor Air Quality

Just when we think the wildfires have finally settled and have been finally extinguished for the rest of the year, they continue to range on devastatingly in California. The destructive wildfires have brought plumes of smoke that have tainted the air quality in most of California to dangerous levels for human exposure. Smoke plumes from […]

How to Remove Nasty Pet Odors From Your Home Fast

How To Remove Nasty Pet Odors From Your Home Fast

Pets can not only be a source of joy for your home but also pain if you don’t make the necessary measures to take care of them, groom them, and train them. Also, removal of a cat or dog odors in a home can be very hard. This is because these odors originate from various […]

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