How to Get Rid of Allergies Naturally


Throughout the year most allergy sufferers dread that time of year where your allergies take full swing and the symptoms flood your body. Allergies will begin by the entrance of allergens into the human body that will trigger and elicit these symptoms as a response to the allergen in the immune system. When it comes to allergens in the indoor air, you may be surprised to learn the number of allergens that are present within your personal indoor environments. In a home, particularly, there can be an array of allergens from dust mites to mold and even pet dander that is circulating inside the indoor space.

We are going to discuss what causes allergies, how long your allergy symptoms will last, and learn natural ways to relieve allergies in your home.

What is an Allergen

When it comes to allergies, an allergen is your worst nightmare and the cause of your dreaded allergy symptoms. An allergen is identified as a usually harmless substance that is found in the environment that is capable of triggering a response in the human body which will start in the immune system. As the allergen enters into the human body it will go through the body and become triggered by the immune system that will identify the allergen as a foreign invader and as a result the immune system will elicit the symptoms associated with allergies to fight off this allergen in the body.

Indoor environments, in comparison to outdoor environments, can hold and harbor many allergens within this space. An allergen that you are likely to find in an indoor environment such as a home will include dust, dust mites, mold spores, pollen, chemicals, pet dander, and cockroaches.

How Long Do Allergy Symptoms Last

The millions of Americans that suffer from allergies may be wondering how long exactly do these allergy symptoms last? The answer can vary depending on the person and their level of severity when it comes to allergies. The duration of your allergy symptoms will most likely have to do with the number of allergens present in the air of the environment and in a home, this can be plentiful, leaving your allergies in a constant uproar when inside this indoor space. If you begin to notice a pattern of significant allergy flare-ups when inside your home you can most likely associate this flare-up with allergens that are located in the home, such as dust mites and pet dander.

Natural Allergy Relief in a Home

When it comes to relieving allergies in a home the best methods to help minimize and reduce your allergies naturally is by eliminating allergens from the air. Allergens will enter into an environment and over time become airborne, impacting the air quality in the environment and compromising the health of those allergy sufferers. The best way to relieve allergies naturally in a home is to utilize an effective allergy air purifier.

HEPA Air Purifier for Allergies

In your pursuit for an effective air purifier for allergies, it is important to understand what exactly to look for that will make an air purifier highly effective against allergens in the air. A HEPA air filter will be the best selection when it comes to allergen removal in the air, this type of filter is specifically designed for fine particulate matter – as small as 0.3 microns in size, which will include most allergens that are airborne.

The EnviroKlenz Air Purifier is an air purifier that was designed to capture allergens from the air through the use of a two-stage filtration process. The first stage of the EnviroKlenz filtration process includes the EnviroKlenz patented earth mineral technology that can effectively break down and/or neutralize chemicals and noxious odors from the air. The second stage is a hospital-grade HEPA filter that will effectively capture fine particulate matter including allergens into the filter media.

Frequently Asked Questions – Allergies & Asthma

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