EnviroKlenz Mobile & Replacement Cartridges & HEPA Air System Replacement

For the most part, this is a plug-and-go system. Within the EnviroKlenz Mobile unit, the HEPA filter works as a particle remover, and theEnviroKlenz air cartridge neutralizes toxic chemicals and VOCs. One unit covers up to 850 square feet, with different speeds according to your needs. And the best part? No tools are required for maintenance.



EnviroKlenz Mobile UV System

  • Mold growth, bacteria, viruses all could be accumulated in your indoor air. But what do you do when these microorganisms are taking over in your home’s air? The EnviroKlenz Mobile UV System utilizes Ultraviolet Germicidal Radiation (UVC lights) to provide the ability to kill microorganisms with a high efficiency of kill. Easy setup & effective results, quickly!

EnviroKlenz Absorbent Neutralizer

  • This is a handy cleaning product to make sure you always have on hand. Anytime you have an accidental spill: whether it’s spilling a chemical cleaner, a spew of vomit, a pet accident, or spilling your morning tea all over your car, sprinkling this non-bleaching powder over the area will neutralize the odor… whatever it is.

 EnviroKlenz Breathing Mask for Pollution

  • In highly polluted cities and construction zones, you see people wearing small, white surgical-style dust masks… even those without allergic sensitivities. But our masks are even stronger. They’re made of our patented earth mineral technology that neutralizes almost 100% of all irritants in the air before you breathe it in. So if you have MCS, wearing one on your commute—particularly if there’s a lot of smog or pollen in the air—can make a huge difference in your health level throughout the day.

EnviroKlenz Everyday Odor Eliminator

  • Sometimes, smells just seem to be embedded into fabrics and materials of the things we want to use… and almost nothing gets them out. (Until now, that is.)
  • Apply this product only to non-sensitive surfaces that can handle being soaked in water. (If you’re unsure, test a small area before doing a full treatment.)
  • Apply this to the surface you’re cleaning and ensure contact with the odor for 15 full minutes before you clean it off. Remove via wet extraction, like a wet vacuum or a carpet shampooer, but do not use it as a cleaner replacement… it can clog the equipment if you’re not careful.
  • If working with light odors, dilute the solution 1:4 with water, apply for 15 minutes, then remove.

EnviroKlenz Hand Soap & Deodorizer

  • Use just like any other liquid hand soap. (Though it helps to scrub a few seconds longer if you’re trying to get a particular odor off your skin)


EnviroKlenz HVAC Filter

  • Frequent and regular use of heating or air conditioning requires changing out your HVAC filter every 3-4 months, brushing off built-up dust every few weeks. When in doubt, pull the filter out to check. If it needs to be changed, you’ll see that the inside fibers have changed color—from white to a dark gray/brown/green. At a minimum, change three times per year.


EnviroKlenz Laundry Enhancer – Liquid & Powder Options

  • Shake bottle well before opening. Add 1/4 cup for a small load of laundry, or 1/2 cup for a large load. If using a top-loading washer, be sure the tub is at least partially filled with water before adding detergent and the enhancer.
  • Not intended for suede, silk, satin, leather, or dry-clean-only fabrics.

EnviroKlenz Front Load Washer Deodorizer

  • Shake bottle well before opening. Add 1/2 cup to the wash tub or detergent dispenser. For best results use a regular load size cycle, normal agitation, and warm water.
  • This product is both HE friendly & safe for the environment.


EnviroKlenz Odor Eliminating Pad

  • A remarkable odor neutralizing agent that removes the worst odors imaginable and leaves the best evidence: no odors!
  • Simply place the odor pad inside of storage containers, boxes, drawers, cabinets, anywhere you want to protect your items from unwanted odors.